Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ready for MORE???

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Writing to an unknown audience has both positives and negatives.  You're never sure who is learning about secrets and possibly vulnerable times in your life -- but on the other hand, you also never know who might read something that correlates with something in their own life and might possibly help them through a tough time.  I'm a pretty transparent person.  That is hard for some people in my life - they believe that I might should keep things a bit more private.  But I tried that route for a long time, and it simply didn't make things easier to deal with for anyone.  When I decided to start sharing more with others, I found that people would get in touch with me somehow and let me know that something I had shared actually helped them in their own life!  And that made me feel like maybe what I had gone through was somehow not in vain.  It had a purpose, even if it was just to be able to help someone else. 

My life has had enough adventure, heartbreaks, disappointments and even happy times to keep this blog going for a long time.  So get comfortable and let's see what comes up today!! Forewarning, though: I will change names and possibly some some important things (people, dates, places, etc) if necessary - because I certainly don't want to bring any embarrassment or unwanted attention to anyone else.  What I'm writing about is my experience. So I hope you can appreciate and respect that for me and for them {thank you upfront!} 

Growing up I was always a very passionate person.  Even as a child I was quite mature and passionate.  At 2, I knew that I wanted to grow up and be a Mommy.  It was actually the job (after go-go dancer) that I would tell people I wanted when they would ask that dreaded question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  I was also always quite the girly-girl.  Wanting to shave my legs, wear panty hose (what was I thinking?!!!), pain my nails, and thinking my life would be simply perfect once I was able to wear make-up without sneaking!  But what I wasn't prepared for was some of the heartache that also comes with growing up - and actually just life in general.  

As I mentioned earlier, there were many heartaches and disappointments along the way.  Many broken hearts...and I will share a few along this blogging journey.  But probably one that made the most long-lasting impression on me was the postponed wedding.  And that is what I will share in my next blog.  So I hope you will return... and comment, share, something!  Hey, guys, it's like I'm standing here baring my soul to you... I need some feedback!

Please have an awesome day.  Click "Follow" to be alerted of when I publish a new blog, or check back frequently.  But I'll very soon share even more of my life with you.