Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making Resolutions....well, kind of...

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"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?

All over the world this song will be sung in some form or language.  New Year's is such a time of celebration for many people.  I have had big celebrations that I will remember forever, and very small ones that were just as another day.  There have those New Year's that I wish I could get back and do over... and those that I would wish to never remember.  But always I have a feeling of reflection at some point through the period.  

New Year's is such a time of reflection, hope, wishes and dreams.  It's a time to let go of the bad and tough times of the previous year that is drawing to an end, and grab onto the good that can possibly come during the New Year that's now upon you.  For some reason that single night brings tears to so many eyes, because there is a special hope that comes upon you... hope for something better.  

For many people the yearly tradition is to set resolutions.  I've set {and broken} more resolutions than I would care to even list.  But this year I decided to handle it in another way.  

  • Rather than resolve to lose weight, I hope to be healthier in the new year.  If weight loss comes along with that, then that will be an added reward. But I hope to live with habits that will make me feel better, sleep better, and feel healthier than ever before.  
  • Instead of resolving to pay off all debt, I'm hoping to just be smarter about the way I make spending choices.  I pray for financial blessings, but also pray for guidance in the stewardship with what I do have. 
  • I pray for the ability to give more to others... not just in a financial or material way, but of myself.  And that my giving comes from a heart of love - because I have been blessed so greatly.  And I pray that each time I give of myself that God would grow me a little bit more into a better person - a kinder person.
  • I pray to be an even stronger person in 2012.  That I am able to lean on God through every trial - rather than try to deal on my own and eventually realize that HE was there to help me the whole time.  And I pray I will keep forefront in my mind that I can get through whatever I need to - that I am never alone, and God will give me whatever I need to deal with things in life.
  • I pray that the opinions and words of other people will not matter so much to me... that I will welcome advice and words given in love and sincerity, but those in a mean spirit will bounce off of me a little bit better.  And that I will not allow in myself a vengeful spirit - but one of pity and sadness {and sincerely pray} for the person who needs to be so unkind, realizing that obviously they are unhappy in their own life. 
  • MOST OF ALL I pray that I am a kinder and better person in 2012. That I smile more - and laugh more - and appreciate more.  I pray that I remember all of the blessings God has given me in my life - rather than dwelling on the negative things that have come along the way.  Even through the negatives, God has brought so many blessings. And I pray that I live a life that touches other peoples lives... that I bring happiness to others through the way I live my life.  And that will make me a successful person in every way! 
As you move into 2012 (or if you already have arrived when you read this!) I pray for YOU that it is with strength and integrity and a mind of endurance...  ready to face this year head on. Make it the best ever. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2012 be a year of blessing for you!