Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life as a Pin Board

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Pinterest has really become a craze with many people, and honestly I've become quite an addict myself. Looking at the interesting things: recipes, quotes, projects, styles, etc, and pinning the things that I love to a board of my own.  Sometimes I wonder what it would look like if I had a pin board to showcase my own life.  No doubt such a board would be quite a jumble - and it would have to be huge to include all of the important things that would need to be pinned.  It definitely would not be without blemish or embarrassment, because there has been plenty about my past that I would really not care to have pinned to a board to have to show or even be reminded of very often.  Needless to say, it would have lots of tear stains... both happy, sad and hurt tears.  Broken hearts, disappointments, losses...but more importantly accomplishments and celebrations that brought tears of joy: A new tiny heartbeat that would be born that I would nurse and nurture and it would change my life so great that emotions couldn't contain the joy without overflowing into tears.  And all of these tears are so important to the completion of that pin board to this point.  Amongst the many pins on this board would be styles that came and went - and possibly some that were never "in" to begin with!  There would be no way this board could be missing the many friends along the journey of my life.  Some friends have been there all along, and some for just a part of the time... but their importance was no less great.  And the board wouldn't be right without them being pinned on it.  I would have to have some order to this board, simply because I have to have some order to anything in my life... so if it were arranged chronologically I would like to think that the pins would reflect a strength that has grown in me as a person as time has gone by: as a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a Christian, a daughter... everything that I am.  As I have gotten through the tough times, and as I have celebrated through the joyous times, I have become a stronger person...hopefully a better and kinder person.  And I hope that would show in all of the pins along the way.  All of this makes me kind of wonder: if this were a reality, and my life were a pin board for the world to see, would I live it in any different way.  Would I make different decisions, would I react differently in certain situations.  Would I BE different so that I could be perceived differently?  And if the answer to that is YES, then I need to change those things anyway.  

Pinterest is a really cool idea... and I, along with millions of other people, am addicted to picking the things that express who I am, to finding the pins that interest me and putting them on MY board...but I want to concentrate a little more on my real life as if it were a pin board, and make sure I'm living it in the way I would want displayed...because actually it really is, in a way.  That is one of my challenges to myself.