Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hold Them Close....

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Anyone who is close to me at all knows that my children are the power behind my heart beating.  I love them with all of my heart, and truly have felt that God has shown me through my love for my kids a small glimpse of just how much HE loves me!  I am forever amazed at how powerful it is to love another human being as much as I do love my children... and will never feel worthy of the blessings they have been in my life for the 24+ years since they started entering my world.  Yet, through the different stages of them growing up there were definitely times that I thought "Oh, I can't wait until this phase passes!" because, honestly, sometimes it's just not that easy!  Anyone who is raising (or has raised) children knows that there are times that it is downright difficult.  They can be hard to get along with, disobedient, lazy or whatever... but, my goodness, they smile at you, or hug you and say "I love you, Mama..." and all is perfect in the world.  Now that my kids are all grown (the youngest JUST graduated college a week ago!) and in their 20's I am finding that sometimes they pull at my heartstrings even more than when they were young.  It's not so much about raising and disciplining them any longer... most of that work has been done.  But now I have to allow them to test their wings... make decisions and choices in their lives.  And sometimes it just nearly kills me to see them making a decision that I just know is not the best thing for them or isn't going to turn out well... but I also know THEY have to live their own lives.  I very much believe in boundaries - but also in respecting boundaries with others as well.  That definitely includes my own kids.  So how do I deal with this stage?  I hold them close when I can... and hold them close in my heart all the time.  I pray for them daily - and some days I pray for them LOTS!   And I never miss an opportunity to tell them that I love them.  I'm sure they know it... but I want them to hear it.  I want there to be NO question at all.  

If your children are still growing up, hold them close.  Hug them every chance you get.  Tell them you love them often.  And if they are already grown - then hug them even more... and make a point to tell them how much you love them as often as you can.  Leave no room for question or doubt.  We all know that growing up can be difficult... but I do believe it's harder than ever.  How much easier it is to handle life with love and support behind you.  

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas... and that 2012 is the best year yet for you!