Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's the Dash that Counts

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Yesterday was a bittersweet day.  It was the day that we came together to bid farewell to my Grandmother for the final time on this earth.  At 93 she had taken all of this life she could take and moved on to eternity early on Saturday morning.  And I have handled it like a champ.  I'm a very realistic person, as I believe most anyone who knows me very well would agree with.  As a child and a teenager (and probably even up through my 20's) I was probably much more of a dreamer, but life has changed some of that in me.  My Grandmother's death has been handled in my usual realistic approach, knowing that she is, afterall, much better off than she would be on this earth suffering.  But today I have felt a deep sadness.  Things with my Grandmother and myself were good... she knew I loved her, and I know she loved me.  So I am not harboring any regrets of last minute words that needed to be spoken.  Her life was long and she brought love and friendship to many other people on this earth, so there is no doubt that her presence will be missed very much.  Yet still, this sadness lingers on.

Yesterday at the funeral one of the pastors who spoke made a comment about the "dash" in between the years on a tombstone marking the time between birth and death.  That has been on my mind very much over the past day.  I look at the dash my Grandmother's life represents... of the many others she affected with her life, the love she gave, the smiles she brought to others, the kindness she bestowed.  But I have also reflected on my own life, and what the dash will say about how I've lived my life in between those two very important dates.  For many years I believe it might have been a lot of boring, almost wasted space... but thankfully I hope that my life now touches many other lives positively by the choices I make, in the things I do, from the kindness I give, through the work I produce.  And if I am successful at this "dash" then I will be a success in the end.  What more could anyone ask for?   

My Grandmother with my daughter... June 2011