Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a FREE Organic Bloom mini-frame!! PLUS a surprise for the winner!

Photography by DonnaKay: Organic Bloom...YOU can win a FREE ornament mini-frame?

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I posted this blog a few days ago - a giveaway that takes just a couple of minutes to enter with a great possibility of winning a FREE Organics Bloom mini-frame (holds a 3x3) -- and have very little response. So, I'm moving the date up to October 16 - that will be the date that a winner is chosen.

So ENTER!! I've only had a few enter so far - so chances of winning are looking great right now!!

I've sweetened the deal just a bit... but that part is a surprise! -- If you want to enter (AND THIS IS A GIVEAWAY THAT WOULD MAKE ANY FAN HAPPY -- CLIENTS, FRIENDS OR OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS) then click on the Title above, which is a link to the Giveaway blog with instructions and Enter today!

Thanks!! Have a GREAT day!!!