Sunday, August 21, 2011

Been missing you....

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It has definitely been one of those weeks where I needed days that were 36 hours long in order to just stay semi-caught up.  Yet here I am getting ready to start a new week, and hopefully a calmer one as well. However the first few days turn out to be, at least I have a long weekend at the beach to look forward to.  I'm hoping to get some rest, long walks, some quiet time, and best of all not have to stare at that huge pile of clothes that needs to be ironed in my laundry room!  

This past week was definitely a week to remember.  Bailey, the 16-mo-old to whom I am Mimi, was with me day and night while her parents went for a trip to the beach.  I had known when I agreed to keep her for the week that it would turn out to be a week that would bust wide open, and I was not disappointed!  To start my week, a baby was born and I got to do his newborn photos on Monday.  I can't think of a better way to start any week, and would love if every week could start in exactly this same way.  If you read the other blog of mine, then you will get to learn more about that session soon, as that is the next blog on that agenda.  Already this baby has been blogged about even before his arrival, as I had also done maternity pictures with his Mom and Dad, and had even blogged about him the morning he was born on this blog.

Something I would like to share with you is that I don't take for granted how awesome it is that I get to share and capture in pictures so many special times with people.  Getting to interact with a family right after they have their first child and they are adjusting to the newness - and often scariness - of being parents is both a joy and an honor.  Having someone feel comfortable enough with me to completely be themselves, to let me see their vulnerability and sometimes even a glimpse of their soul and allow me to capture those moments is something that often catches my breath.  Honestly, I think the families that I have worked with would be surprised to know the huge impact they have each had on my heart... and how grateful I am to get to share in the special and uniqueness of each of their families.  So far I've never walked away feeling like I just did a "job" - but rather that my life was enriched in some special way.  My hope and prayer is that I leave something special in both my presence and my photos, and that I am invited back many times again.

I hope you are doing well... I've missed blogging, and hope you've missed me too!