Monday, July 18, 2011

Secrets....good or bad?

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Have you ever had to keep a secret?  Not a good one, like what someone is getting for their birthday or Christmas present, but rather a bad secret that you knew was going to really destroy someones life as they know it?  How did you handle it?  We are all a little different in our likes and dislikes, as well as how we might handle such an issue.  Some people would rather just not know something bad - even if it would directly affect them.  But I've never really seen a time when keeping such a secret was a good thing in the end.   So another way to look at the question is this: have you ever had a secret kept from you that was sure to hurt you... and then later found out?  Were you one who wished you had never found out -- or one who felt you had a right to know the truth?  I'm one who believes everything is always best out in the open.  Truthfully, I don't even like surprises such as Christmas presents!  I've had enough bad surprises in my life that I just really don't like surprises at all any longer.  But I do realize that there is a difference in a good surprise and a bad deception, betrayal or lie.   
Still there is that issue of knowing something that would hurt someone else - and whether you tell them because they have the right to know.  I believe you have an obligation to tell.  If they choose to do nothing after the fact, then that is their decision.  But they have every right to make that decision for themselves.  Living with your "head in the sand" has never accomplished anything.  And consider this: maybe if the truth comes out sooner, there will be time for something to be done about the situation before it has gotten so out of hand that it no longer has a chance.