Sunday, July 24, 2011

Does it make you wonder??

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Some things just make me wonder sometimes.  Do you wonder why the world gets so upset when people are killed in a disaster or a shooting or bomb - but it doesn't really upset those same people that millions of babies die every year by choice?  Where is the backwards thinking in that?  And who is it that feels they get to decide whose life is important and whose is not?  It just makes me wonder.

Do you ever wonder why Christians are considered to be so intolerant and narrow-minded.  But the same people who are making those accusations don't consider themselves intolerant of Christians?  How does that make any sense? And then there's the belief by some that there is no absolute truth.  Ask them how they come to that - and they say that everyone has a right to what they believe in - and whatever someone believes in makes it true.  Now how in the world is that even possible?  And if that is right - doesn't that mean that murders, rapists, or every other bad person in general actually is ok - because if that's what they believe in, then it must be right?  How ridiculous is that?

Another thing that makes me wonder is when I go into a shop or a store and the sales clerk is snobby.  Seriously?  What is going on with that?!  I'm there to shop - and they are supposed to be making my shopping experience good.  Makes me want to ask "Do you know which side of the counter are you are on?"  There's just no sense in such attitudes.  

And what about people who cheat in their relationships - and then leave their spouse for the person they are cheating with.  Hmmm... talk about a relationship built on sinking sand!  So if they get married, what do they think with the words "I promise to be faithful..." when they've already proven that they are not a faithful person!  There are a lot of people out there who need to wake up and use some common sense here!  

Doesn't it make you wonder when you have to deal with someone who is jealous or has an attitude of entitlement.  What is really up with that?  Why does someone think that if I get something (or do something) that means that they have a right to the same thing?  We are all individuals - we have different talents, personalities, strengths & weakness -- and the roads we are to travel in life are not always the same.  What is wrong with being your own individual self and being happy with that?  

Seriously - don't you just wonder sometimes?