Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Are you a late-night person -- or an early morning person?  For a long time I was probably more of a morning person - feeling that I had wasted the best part of the day if it was later than 7:30 when I woke up!  But as time has passed, the kids have grown up, and the world of photography has kind of taken over somewhat in my life and time... I have become more of a late-night person.  There are things I like about them both, though.  

Late at night when it's dark I seem to be less distracted.  Wherever I sit in my house there is bound to be a window not too far away -- afterall, there are over 40 windows in my house!  So during the daytime I find myself peering out, watching the birds or the bunnies in the yard... seeing who that was I saw walking through the neighbors yard, trying to figure out why the neighbors don't get their roof fixed... on and on.  But at night - it's dark.  I can't see anything, unless it's the moon or a streetlight.  So I find that it's just much easier to keep my mind on editing.  Now in the morning, though, I LOVE to sit out on my screened back porch.  I can see the lake, and usually at that time of day the water is so still and peaceful.  The birds are chirping like crazy, and there's nothing more peaceful than a cup of coffee while listening to the birds singing over the silence.  It's really rather perfect!  

How do you work best?  I always have the internet up - have to keep check on fb, friends, etc.  But that helps utilize my time while I'm waiting for a picture to go through this program or that one.   Often I will put on music -- something that interests me and holds me... keeps my mind from wandering off to something other than what I'm supposed to be doing!  My mood for music is different each day, and even through the day it may change ten times. But that's ok - my itunes is packed with variety.  

So how do you work best?  What makes you as good a person as you can be - thus making you the best in your field that you can be?  

My huge thought for the day is: Be who you really are all the time.   If you are ashamed to be yourself, then get some help with those issues.  And don't claim to believe something that you really don't - or to be someone what you really aren't.  You are only cheating yourself the most!

Goodnight, everyone!!  Hope to see you back really soon!!  Oh - and if you get a chance, go check out my website.  Big news is coming soon about Photography by DonnaKay!!  So say tuned!!