Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love shoes and purses...

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Hmmmm....I'm in kind of a funky mood.  I've had a cold this week, and right now it's getting the best of me.  But I jumped out of bed this morning because I could hear a bird singing outside my window and ran out with my camera... so I thought I'd share few more things about myself...

~My favorite flower has always been the Daisy...

~I'm left-handed - although I had to learn to do many things right-handed, so I'm able to do many things with either.

~I LOVE shoes and purses!!  Designer purses with usually high price tags, unfortunately.  (And that extends to camera bags, of which I have way to many!  But each one means something special to me.)  At the same time, as much as I love shoes and purses, I have no trouble passing them on to my friends when it's time to make a little room in my closet... so they usually don't complain.

~I have green eyes.

~I really cannot stand to be called Donna (even though it was what I was called in school, that was the only place I wasn't called DonnaKay)... I'm amazed how often I'll say "no, it's DonnaKay" and someone will return "oh, it's nice to meet you Donna" !!  Really?!

~I love colors...almost all of them!  I like bright and vibrant, and soft and smooth.  My home is full of colors, as is my wardrobe.  But ultimately, if I have to pick my favorite color, it is Purple.

~I'm shy...actually probably way beyond shy.  I literally have panic attacks when I'm going to have to be around new people, and even worse - a group of people!  I've even been told by people that they thought I was snobby when they first me me - but then found as they got to know me that I was just quiet.  Once I get comfortable, I'm fine - but I will usually try to find a way out of having to be in a group.  Isn't it funny that I would become a photographer - there are new people all the time.  But somehow behind my lens, I don't have the same struggle.  It's my safety net!

~Summer is depressing for me.  I pass out from the heat, so in the heat of the summer I am much more homebound during the daytime.

~All I ever wanted growing up was to be a Mother.  And if you know me, then you know I naturally want to mother whoever is around me.  If it bothers you, then I am so sorry!  Please don't take it the wrong way!

~I cannot wait to have Grandchildren!  It scares me that they will live far away, or that there will be some reason I won't get to be a very active part of their lives.  Right now I enjoy being Mimi to a sweet little girl named Bailey - and I find myself thinking of her as a grandchild often.

~I'm loyal...I love with all my heart, give all I can give, and don't walk away from a relationship until LONG after I probably should have!  If I love someone, I have found that I never really stop loving them - no matter how much time passes. 

~I LOVE photography and writing.  To me, they almost go hand-in-hand.  Whenever I take a picture, there is also a story in my head - even if it is just a story of what was going on during the photo shoot.

~I fall in love with every baby that I take pictures of...and each one is my favorite!  When I look back at them all, I don't think I could pick one favorite from the bunch!  Right now I'm waiting for a few babies to be born to do their photos, and I feel like the excited aunt or something!

So...there's a little more about me...  I would LOVE to know more about you!  If you are reading this blog, and you feel you'd like to share, please do!!