Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doesn't it take it all to make us who we are?

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Don't we all say "if only...." at least once in a while?  Some of us more than others, I guess.  I am no different, yet while I've certainly uttered those words, they are not words I seem to say as often now.  Everyone goes through difficult times...and I've certainly had my fair share.  But isn't it through those difficult times that we actually become who we are to be?  Do you ever wonder "what would I be like if I hadn't gone through the tough times?" - maybe that would be a healthier way of thinking of them!  I have no doubt that I am a better person - that I have more heart and more compassion - because of many of the experiences I have had in life.  There is no question that I am stronger, and my character has developed the most through each one of them.  I've never been one to stay stuck in a pity-party -- rather, I have my little cry-fest when life knocks me down, and then I rise to the occasion and find out what I'm really made of -- and I show the rest of the world the character that has developed in me. 

Maybe I share this because I often feel I need to wear a shirt that says "It's not that I don't care, it's that I think you don't care..." I have so much compassion for people who have to suffer, whether it is through loss, sickness, hard-times, whatever it may be... but I have so much more respect for those who go through those things and allow themselves to grow rather than become beat down and use those experiences as an excuse to not make something of their life.  In some way, I see it as choosing to not become a victim in life - but rather a student who learns and grows from life.  And don't think I have some misconception that I'm perfect at any of this -- I may end up having a crying day tomorrow for whatever reason... but I WILL choose to become stronger through it.