Monday, May 9, 2011


My first blog on this new page....kind of sets the mood a bit, huh?  Often when I write on my Photography by DonnaKay blog, I feel a bit guilty that it's not all photography-related writing.  But honestly, how boring would that be - and who i the world would want to read that?  To kind of ease my anxiety over it, though, I decided to just make another route to blog about whatever and whenever.  And eventually I'll close this page to only people who are brave enough to join as a I know who is reading the more personal information I decide to reveal about myself. 

First off... yesterday was Mother's Day.  And while it is a joyful day, because nothing on this earth has meant more to me than my role as a mother, it also comes with lots of self-sacrifice -- especially in the feelings section.  My feelings were hurt at the beginning of my day yesterday, and it kind of put a damper on the rest of my day.  Now if anyone reads this, and if they have read any of my blogs on my other page, then they will know that I am huge in consequences, personal responsibility, etc.  I also believe that while we don't always choose our circumstances (and definitely don't choose the actions of others) we always have the choice in our actions and reactions.  So, while my feelings were very hurt, I also didn't let it steal my joy for the remainder of my day. 

On the good side, I got to spend the day with my daughter and my Mother...two of the most special women in my life!  There was laughter and tears, shopping and endless talking.  The tears were from missing my Grandmother, who would have made the day complete.  Her untimely-exit from our world over 9 years ago has left a void, which just goes to show how much she was loved and how powerful her presence was in all of our lives.  There are just not enough good things I could say about my Grandmother...there is no blog with enough blank pages.  And there is no one with enough hours to read it all. 

For now, I will leave it at this for my first official blog on this page.  My babygirl, Bailey (it would take more time than I currently have to explain exactly who this baby is...but just accept that she is my honorary 1st grandchild for now!) will be here soon to spend the day.  So the new wagon I got for Mother's Day -- well, I've got to get it out and get ready to put her in it!

I hope you'll want to come back -- and that you'll want to reveal that you are following if you so choose!  Have a great day!
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